How it started..

I do love to cycle.

It all started in Amsterdam in the year 2000.  

Uncle Hans and Aunt Bep took me for a bicycle ride and it was so much fun, I have never looked back.  So thank you Hans and Bep!

I also have to thank all the people who were encouraging and helpful along the way..   Let's see now..  There was Duane who made me put my seat at the right height and took me for my first recreational ride on the BLT.  He also took me on my first work commute ride in 2008.  Rest in peace Duane.

Next, there is Bob White, one of the founding members of the Nova Scotia Ramblers Bicycle Club.  When I first met Bob I called him Bill. He politely corrected me by saying that was his twin sister's name.   I've been giggling ever since. He did not make fun of my 400 pound Canadian Tire Super Cycle, he has always been kind, encouraging, and he leads by example. Thanks Bob!

Then there is John who bikes over roots and rocks, in gale-force winds, in cold weather and in snow and at night.  He all but called me a pussy and I just couldn't take it. So now I bike in the cold, and the wind and even in the dark too. So thanks John!

When I said I was thinking of starting a business, I was blessed to receive a lot of encouragement and there are four people very deserving of a shout out: 

Darleen at RBC Tacoma for a) taking me seriously and b) gently pushing me to go for it!  Thanks Darleen!

My friends Lynn and Tom who insisted on being there on opening day to make sure everything would be okay; who also listen and encourage and find things on sale too!  Thank you and hugs for you both.   What a great feeling when you know your friends have your back!  :)

Thank you to all of the Ramblers who have been so supportive.

And my Dad,  who is a born and bred business man, who told me I can do it, who listens, provides sage advice and gives encouragement.  Love you Daddy!